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Our Team of Travel Experts

Phil Dalley

Phil Dalley started his travel career with East West Airlines then progressing onto Australian Airlines and then Qantas Airways. Becoming a travel expert, after 10 years of airline experience Phil decided to open his own Travel Company Travel Makers in 1998.

His travels have taken him to nearly every continent on earth. Phil has a passion for travel and his consulting experience has enabled many a happy trip for the clients of Travel Makers.   

Aree Hardy

Aree Hardy is a prominent travel expert with 40 years experience in the travel industry, servicing a wide range of clients in leisure and business travel sectors. She has travelled extensively, living and working in numerous foreign environments including Thailand, Russia and Kenya.

Aree has an excellent understanding of foreign cultures and the attractions and challenges these present for the tourist and visitor. Her knowledge of airlines' and tour providers' rules allows her to recommend travel routes and tours that present the minimum of fuss for her clients and give the maximum enjoyment from the holiday experience. Aree is a consummate professional in assisting her clients identify the best solutions to their holiday needs.

Anthony Allardyce

Anthony has gained expertise in all areas of travel for more than 13 years and has travelled extensively during this time. Anthony previously worked in our office at Travel Makers for over 9 years, and he rejoined our team in October this year after having three and a half years working in a corporate travel role. In this role he became a modern travel expert with invaluable experience dealing with many high level and high profile government and corporate clients.

We are very excited to have Anthony working with us again at our boutique agency at Kingston Foreshore, and Anthony is looking forward to exceeding your travel expectations and escorting some of our specialist and small group tours in 2017 and beyond!

Michele (Michael) Perrone

Michele Perrone, known as Michael, was born in Italy and moved to Australia in 1989. General Manager of the Italian Travel Bureau, he joined forces with Travel Makers in December 2000.

Michael has spent most of his life travelling within Italy and the rest of the world and has devoted the last 25 years sharing his passion and knowledge with colleagues, friends and of course clients...

Through his growth and travel experiences, Michael designs holiday dreams for just about any destination in Italy as well as around the world. Withstanding the industry through the ‘old ‘and ‘new’ trends, Michael has learned to tackle the challenges of a simple train booking to the large groups of over 200 people. Skillful with fare constructions for individuals and corporate offices, as well as knowledgeable of many tour operators and destinations, Michael gives his clients the confidence that he can handle any situation, which of course he can!

Ann Williams

Ann Williams has been in the travel industry for 38 years with extensive experience arranging both retail and corporate travel. After over 14 years managing a number of retail travel agencies, Ann became travel manager based in the US Embassy Canberra, where she remained for 12 years. Due to personal circumstances, Ann joined the Australian Public Service, working in travel related positions, for a period of 9½ years until April 2016.

Ann joined us in June 2016 and currently works 3 days per week. She has a passion and love for travel and has visited many countries and continents, with a number of destinations still on her bucket list. She loves to assist our clients in planning their travel and is looking forward to escorting some of our small group tours.

Amanda Jezek

Amanda has worked in the travel industry for over 6 years and has gained extensive experience from travelling through 30+ countries. With experience working as an Adventure Travel Consultant with Intrepid Travel, her knowledge of adventure travel is second to none. From hiking in Peru, Borneo and Nepal, scuba diving in Costa Rica, Fiji and Nicaragua and teaching yoga throughout the world, Amanda has the experience to find any adventure to suit your needs.

After having a daughter and some family time living in Prague, we are excited to have Amanda working part-time at Travel Makers.



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