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Savanna, Africa

Savanna, Africa

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$3,015*per family
4 nights
Dubai's Palm Jumeirah is world-famous, and you can stay on it.
25 days
Explore the ancient wonders of Egypt before travelling on to Zanzibar then Kenya for a safari journey through…
24 days
Sub-Saharan Africa is waiting to be explored!
16 days
Travel into the heart of Africa to Kenya and Uganda.
48 days
An epic journey, from Cairo to Cape Town, that you will never forget.
11 days
Uncover a different side to Africa with this fantastic small-group tour to Ethiopia.
14 days
A pride of lions stalking the grasslands, zebras meandering to the waterhole, Mt Kilimanjaro looming in the di…
8 days
An ancient land where cities' ages are measured in millennia rather than years.
Take advantage of the various Qantas lounges around the world and wait for your flight in style, along with a…
7 days
Experience all that Jordan has to offer and more!
5 nights
Enjoy a relaxing holiday in Mauritius.
23 days
Madagascar is a treasure trove of wonders for any traveller.
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